Searching for Your Greatest Fan: The Brand Advocate

social media outsourcing-brand advocate

Your social media outsourcing partner should start the hunt on brand advocates. Why? These are the “unsung heroes” who sang praises about your brand—for free! They endorse you through “word-of-mouth” and you don’t have to “sweet talk” them because they are the ones who do the sweet talking for you.

The brand advocate’s profile

How can you identify them? Here are the signs you should look out for:

  • They love your products and your brand in general.
  • They genuinely care for your brand.
  • They do it for free, no strings attached.
  • They talk about you on their wall or page every day.
  • They often use social media to expand their social circles.
  • They write and share more than two times about brands.
  • They are more likely to share their great experience about a brand.
  • They have a tendency to influence a purchase.
  • They are a good source of information and people around them value their opinion on a brand.
  • They are considered as thought leaders and value their relationship with brands.

Alright, this list seems too good to be true. What is the main motivator of these brand evangelists? says they like to be seen as a good resource by the brand and genuinely enjoy sharing product information.

How to find them?

 How can you and your social media outsourcing team find this goldmine of non-paid marketers? First off, don’t start with Google because it will give you thousands to millions of results. Have you ever heard of social listening/monitoring tools? According to Social Media Examiner, social listening is about searching the web and the social space to see what’s being said about your company, your competitors and other topics of interest. Hmm, based on this definition, it doesn’t only tap brand advocates. The site further explains its uses:

  • Help people’s problems with a competitor’s product, and hopefully, you can turn them as potential customers.
  • Attract new leads from people who search for a brand like you.
  • Find where your brand’s fans hangs out.
  • Improve your relationships with your customers by tracking positive and negative feedback.
  • Improve your products or services based on your customer’s experience with it.

Thru social listening, your social media outsourcing vendor can “hear” the good and the bad points about your brand. Use these both to your advantage. They are tons of tools out there to start your hunt such as:

  • Hootsuite = this free social media listening tool doesn’t only go for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It covers more than 25 social networks in more than 50 languages.
  • Keyhole = big data is valuable to any organization and Keyhole can track based on hashtags, keywords, user accounts, and even historical data from Twitter and Instagram. It comes with a price though.
  • Sprout Social = you will never miss a mention with this tool. Tweak its Smart Inbox where you can see all your messages from your social media accounts.
  • Addict-o-Matic = just enter your brand name or company name and it lets you see results from, Friendfeed, Bing News, Google Blog Search, YouTube, Flickr, News, Twingly Blog Search, Delicious Tags and more.
  • Talkwalker = this tool doesn’t gather data only from social networks but from TV, radio and print as well.

Imagine how much information you can gather by using these tools and (we better not lose track here) you can also reach out to your brand advocates. Better talk with your social media outsourcing vendor about this and think of an excellent game plan to invite them on your community.


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